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"Oh dear Ho-oh, this is beautiful."

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"Well, today seems pretty interesting."

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» People Watching || Brodie &

It was just an average day for Brodie, which unfortunately meant he had nothing to do. For someone of his stature and mindset, he found that he needed to be doing something more often than not. And, he wasn’t about to resort to sleeping for long periods of time to sate his boredom. He was well aware of the problems that came with sleeping longer than necessary. Brodie just couldn’t afford to not be on his toes at all times, which was the very reason why he slept a good eight to nine hours before he had an alarm wake him up.

This meant Brodie needed to find new ways to entertain himself on his own; he couldn’t rely on Rocket to help him either. So, of course, he was going to end up doing more research about the people in Team Rocket in an attempt to make time pass by much faster. It was usually pretty interesting to learn more about the people he was working with, and build ‘relationships’ with them.

After all, things weren’t going to go the way he wanted if he didn’t have connections. It was better to let people believe they got to know him before pushing them in the right direction, which usually meant that Brodie revealed something about another person, or thing, to them which would hopefully change their opinion on the subject of importance drastically.

So, here he was, seated in the break room, mentally adding up the minutes that passed until he heard approaching footsteps. It was then and only then that Brodie had perked up ever so slightly, curious to see who it was that was making their way into the break room.

Well, it didn’t matter, he was going to greet them anyways.

"Ah, hello there, care to spare some time for a man like me, or are you busy at the moment? I can wait if you are."

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